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G’bye Kids! by groundsman
July 6, 2008, 5:08 pm
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This is my 101st post, and it’s just to say “Good bye!” 


Au Revior!

I started this blog to keep track of my articles and reviews for’s Soccernet, eventually expanding to mild analysis and poor punditry, all while making connections and forming online and “real life” friendships with some very amazing bloggers and journos around the world. 

I’m happy to announce that I’ve just accepted a job that allows me to basically do what I’ve been doing here– but for money.   I’m leaving the television news business, and going over to the international sports newsroom- and while it’s a big step, it will be a lot of fun.  Can’t tell you the network (and can’t continue the blog due to the nature of the job), but I’ll definitely be checking out the blogs in my Roll Call section regularly.

Thank you to those of you who have been along with me for the past few months- I’ve learned a lot about many of the people who watch football, love football, and live for football.   Thank you to those of you who contributed to the blog either through pictures, story ideas, notable quotables, ect.   You’ve made me a happy woman and a stronger supporter! 




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Congrats! Good luck in your new work.

Comment by joejoejoe

first of all i would just like to say congratulations on your new job, glad your getting paid to do a job that you love. I am though sad to see you go i love reading your posts which are often insightful, funny and an alternative perspective on the beautiful game that many bloggers are able to manage. Truly one of the best blogging sports sites out there and i would go as far to say better than some professional sites. Sad to see you go but good luck.

Comment by Zappata Dolcy

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