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Euro2008 Marches On-Desailly shouting the whole way by groundsman
June 20, 2008, 4:19 pm
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Shed’s Note: Apologies for taking a few days off from my duties of diligently recording my idle observations on sport, but alas- the tainted tomatoes here in the U.S. got me, and I was confined to bed with food poisoning for a few days with nothing but an uncaring cat and even less sympathetic friends and neighbors to comfort me.

But that’s enough whingeing.  On with the tournament:

Last week, I asked for your round up of your favorite TV pundits, commentators, and hosts to form the Pundit’s Champion’s League.  Today, I would like to add another person to my illustrious list- the BBC’s Marcel Desailly, the former French national team captain. 

If you haven’t been watching the English coverage, Marcel just stands awkwardly inside the football stadium with some other bloke who’s only job is simply to ask him questions.  Because the unlikely pair are on the sidelines in a very full stadium, they are forced to scream at eachother- an interesting choice for a punditry setup, as Marcel’s English-as-a-second-language commentary is made better when he’s shouting it excitedly over the Austrian technopop pumped through the stadium speakers.   You may be able to barely hear or understand him, but with his genuine enthusiasm, uptown fade haircut, and quality international credentials, he’s a refreshing way to break up the clearly bored, clearly stuffy, and far too color coordinated Match of the Day team (excepting Martin O’Neill, of course.  He’s been fantastic this tournament).

Just wanted to note that.  I’ll be back in stride soon- still weak…must drink Gatorade.  …no, on second thought…champagne….


Arsene is human, Eduardo may be ruined, but Arsenal still tops the table. by groundsman
February 23, 2008, 8:43 pm
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Arsenal 2-2 Birmingham City  In a post match interview,  Arsene Wenger said Martin Taylor “should not play the game again”.  All of the media headlines then read, “Arsenal Boss wants Leg Breaker Banned for Life”.  That’s not what he said- Wenger said Taylor shouldn’t play again, and if the poor excuse his coach gave is really portraying this guy’s skill level (McLeish: “…[Eduardo da Silva] was too quick for him“) then he really shouldn’t be playing at that level, should he? 

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