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Rappin’ Rhymin’ England Cap’n by groundsman
March 25, 2008, 9:06 pm
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John Terry is currently sobbing into Toni Poole’s hair extensions.

Then again, this may just be one of Rio’s “World Cup Wind Ups” all over again.

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Easter Sunday on the Pitch by groundsman

Happy Easter!  Surely on this day of Christian celebration, pagan egg hunting, and bunny worship, you can find time for “Super Grand Slam Soccer Sunday” in the English Premiere League as well. 

At 1:30pm Manchester United takes on Liverpool, and at 3pm, it’s Arsenal v. Chelsea.  There’s been a bit of trash talking from some sides prior to these matches, which the press has done it’s very best to hype.  My favorite was Rafa Benitez apparently “bashing” (or mildly stating opinions about) Sir Alex Ferguson during an interview with The Guardian.  In any case, I’m predicting a somewhat boring set of matches from The Big Three+Liverpool, punctuated by tense close ups of managers pacing sidelines and occasional ballooned shots on goal.

The Line:

Man. United 2 Liverpool 1  (Ronaldo 30, 84  Torres 51)

Arsenal 1 Chelsea 0 (Adebayor 18)


Jose Mourinho could very well be the head of Inter next season.  Apparently the 45 year old former Chelsea manager’s agent has been in talks with the Italian club. …we’ve heard this sort of thing before, so we’ll see if Jose feels like ending his unemployment run this time.

-It’s easy come, easy go when it comes to getting caps for Fabio Capello’s England side.  David Wheater, Ashley Young, poor old Jermain Defoe, and Gabriel Agbonlahor are among others to have been dropped from the initial squad of 30.  The erratic Paul Robinson is coming back in the squad, to replace an injured Scott Carson.  I’m rather liking Capello’s random sampling of players- though I do want to know, what’s so horribly wrong with Jermain Defoe that managers just don’t want to keep him around?

-Apologies, libelous scribblings, ect: A fun blurb in today’s edition of The Observer, an apology to Avram Grant for this article by Duncan Castles.  Having spent years in newsrooms myself,  I know how much gnashing of teeth and humiliation goes into crafting tiny, grudging paragraphs like this- but Grant deserves it.  Also, David Moyes will get a pretty penny after suing the the publishers, the player, and the ghost writer of Wayne Rooney’s “autobiography” for statements made about his character and actions during his time as Everton manager.

-A small rant: I’m really bloody tired of newspaper/online headline writers who, following Newcastle’s win over Fulham (who were absolute pants yesterday), decided to trumpet phrases like “Keegan Answers Critics with Win”.  Excuse me?  It’s been 10 matches.  TEN draws or losses.  He and his players still have a lot to answer for.  He’s not doing much better than Sam Allardyce, he’s just convinced people that he wants it more- so that’s why King Kev will still have a job next season.  I guarantee, at the end of this season, everyone will be saying “Keegan saved Newcastle from relegation”- though they were never truly in danger of going down because the teams below them are just that terrible. 

[Photo: BBC archives]