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“What the hell is Capello doing?” (also titled “Captain Becks is Back”) by groundsman

I knew this would happen.  I said it, you thought about it, and now it has happened.  England manager Fabio Capello is handing the captain’s armband back to David Beckham for Sunday’s match against Trinidad and Tobago.  Now before everyone comes over all outraged about this being a terrible sign or a step back in the wrong direction, we need to take a look at Wednesday’s match against the USA:

I was at that match, and while I did enjoy my time there and the majority of England supporters were incredibly friendly and polite,  the live competition itself was only slightly more interesting than watching on television because of the pathetic abuse shouted at the few hundred USA fans from some younger England supporters.  Seriously, a chant like “your mother is your sister” or “when have you won a world cup?” can and was easily deflected with,

“You think we really hate ya, but you couldn’t beat Croatia- huzzaaaah, England.”

or “Come on Macedonia!” 

Even a simple, “Whatcha doin’ on your summer off?” was enough to make some of the England fans near us go quiet, look upset and then just call the whole lot “gay”.  I was however very proud of the USA fans for refusing to take part in the Mexican wave, because a) it’s stupid b) if the ball is in play, your eyes should be on the field c)neither team had much to cheer about as they both played like shit.

Which brings me back to the original topic: why is Beckham captain again?  The answer: Why the hell not?  It has become painfully obvious that the England team still need his crosses, as they really are the exact same team from 2 years ago.  Yes, Beckham was never particularly mobile, but as his teammates still lack the ability to pass to one another whilst running with the ball at the same time,  that’s not really an issue.  Also, the team was the “Golden Generation” with Beckham and the management of Sven Goran-Eriksson, so why not make Goldenballs lead out the team again?  They’ve already gone back to the old English 4-4-2, and Peter Crouch is getting playing time- the only difference between now and World Cup 2006 is that everyone agrees that Owen Hargreaves is a really good player.

The Bottom Line: Capello is probably just doing this to show that Beckham will be a part of his upcoming World Cup campaign.  Also- he’s demonstrating that he’s willing to do just about anything to make the other players work a bit harder during meaningless friendlies.

Read more from The Guardian here.


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I always said that dropping Beckham was an error in the first place. He was a victim in part of the BBC pundit campaign who were backing Shaun Wright-Phillips (can’t think why). They kept saying how he never beat anybody. Forgetting that he doesn’t need to as he can bend it round them. Remember after one game them asking “apart from the cross that we scored from what has he done this half”. Mmmm what else did they want? In that particular game he had put 3 or 4 telling crosses in of which one was converted.

Comment by Fraser Mitchell

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