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Avram Grant: Yet another rich unemployed person by groundsman

So he’s gone, then.

As I’ve said before, I don’t think he has much to be ashamed of- it’s been an incredibly tough time for both himself and the players- but surely he also knew he’d be getting the sack after a trophy-less season.

  So what’s next for Avram?  …do you really care?  I still like the man because I’m a sap who loves an underdog, but to be honest- I’m not bothered.  He is now a very rich, jobless, and pressure-less man.  I say, go to Miami and put up your feet for a bit, Avi. 

I do care quite a bit about what’s next for Chel$ki.  This rather alarming article from the Guardian says Jose Mourinho is being considered again for the position, and club owner Roman Abramovich has been attempting to woo the Special One with the lavish gift of a 2 million dollar Ferrari.  Is there anything that man can’t solve with vast amounts of money?

…no, no there isn’t. 

Nonetheless,  it still appears that former Barcelona manager Frank Rijkaard will take over the club, despite murmurs involving the usual names of possibly-soon-to-be unemployed rich people like Sven-Goran Eriksson or Guus Hiddink.

Chelsea fans (and anyone else)- who would you like to manage your club next year?  Did you really despise Grant, or was that all paper talk?  If you did despise him- was it because of Mourinho’s untimely exit, or did you really feel that he was just bad at his job?  How would you feel if Mourinho came back- and do you think Abramovich would be off his case this time around?


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I am not sure whether Rijkaard will be the right man. Having Mourinho back could be a better option..Other better options are Hiddink or Lippi.

BTW, if you don’t mind, I want to make a link to your article from an update in my article which relevant to this.

Thanks and have a good day.

Comment by erwinbaja


Comment by cristiano

Grant can leave with his head held high. Ok he would never have got the job if it wasn’t for the ridiculousness that is Roman’s Chelsea, but once there he had everyone against him and proved them all wrong. What’s more he did it all with a dignity that was in complete contrast to his predecessor, Moaning Mourinho. Avram, you’re too good for Chelsea! Oh and don’t go to Man City either – they’re just as big a joke!

As for what’s next for Chelsea – the bar has been set: win te league or the champions league or you’ll be out of a job. Not an enviable task for anyone, but the bottemless pit of cash is a bit of a sweetener. My guess – Rijkaard.

Comment by Football Bets

worried says : I absolutely agree with this !

Comment by worried

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