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Do You Feel Sorry for John Terry? by groundsman

I know I wrote that somewhat emotional post earlier about what it means to be an athlete and a loser, but then I saw this…

…and all the vitriol I normally feel for John Terry (he will never be called “JT” on this blog) has made a sudden and swift return.  Seriously- blowing snot on an opponent?  Are you like, five?

I still maintain that it was a sad ending to the match for him, but I have a feeling that landing on his arse during what could have been one of the most iconic moments of his career still won’t take the snarly thug attitude away from him. 

For those of you struggling with lipreading, according to a few news sources and bloggery he’s saying to Carlos Tevez, “F**king Argie C**t”.  CLASS.

He’s a quality player! Why must he also do this?

Of course, he could just be wiping his nose so vigorously that he didn’t notice Tevez’ neck was in the way.


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