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A Plea to Mr. Abramovich (and a pat on the bum for ManU) by groundsman
May 21, 2008, 6:14 pm
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Please.  Let Avram Grant stay at Chel$ki, bless him.  I like him, he’s done a fine job with Jose’s team, and has nothing to be ashamed of.


Also, congratulations Man U fans.  I hope you also freaked out a little when Ronaldo had that bizarre stop’n’miss on penalties(I honestly didn’t see that coming), but the team has been superb, particularly after the Christmas break- so kudos.


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Cech: Let’s not do an Arsenal.

You did, loser

Comment by Loser

As a gooner who hates cashley i gotta say bad luck chelsea, you were very unlucky, were by far the better team and should have won,but you should of relised you were playing agiasnt not 11 men but 14 the ref and the linesmen were a joke and i could swear they had AIG on there shirts, and as for drogba, you should boot him of the door, he more or less give to manpoo, ballack man of the match and another great dispaly by lamps, whom ive completely change my mind about with the way he has carried himself of late and JT keep your head up, cant believe i have just said all that, but i think all neutrals would agree chelsea deserved it

Comment by gooner

Another season for Grant? No thanks, he did ok but he failed to fullfil his mandate. Why do I say so? It is simple, he didnt win anything all season and most importantly he failed to give us the so-called champagne football; I just can’t se how a season of near misses is good enough.
The way JM was dumped acrimoniously, I have visions of him whispering sweet nothings into Abrahamovic on how he could transform Chelski into superpowers, well he didn’t…you live by the sword, you die by the sword.

Comment by Pedro

I agree with you. Grant should stay…he did get farther than JM ever did. Congrats to Man U. Chelsea was unlucky this time – I feel sorry for Terry!

Comment by evedyahu

evedyahu- By “JM” are you referring to Jose? Because um, he did quite well for Chel$ki during his time. He just didn’t (as Pedro pointed out about Grant) produce exciting football though he had incredibly expensive players at his disposal.

I do WANT Avram Grant to stick around, because I think he’s done fine for himself and his team amidst the shitstorm of criticism he’s recieved from fans and journos, and managed to get plenty from a group of players that everyone wanted to throw under the bridge in November.

However, facts are facts. He didn’t win anything. This year he has been a caretaker manager and I’d like to see him grow into his own so we can REALLY see what the Avram Grant era is like, rather than see what he can do with Jose’s players.

I don’t think Roman will keep him on next year- this was just a post noting that I think he’s done plenty amongst the grumblings from the dressing room, the hysterical news reporting, and the fans screaming “You don’t know what you’re doing!” to him during a lull in the match.

Comment by groundsman

Everdayahu – Wat do you mean that AG went as further than JM ever did? I beg 2 differ, a losing finalist is as good as a losing finalist – “you win nothing” and who said JM would’ve not reached the final or win it this year?
Chelsea were unlucky? No bro, how about lucky, in the first they could’ve easily been 3-0 down, even the circumstances that the chelsea goal came about can be deemed to be “lucky”.
For me this is the best that AG can do, proof? It lies on the fact that everytime the stakes were raised to its highest exponential AG’s chelsea failed hence we don’t even have a single trophy this season, and that is fact.
Why should Abrahamovich keep him? He failed to give us champagne football and that is also a fact.
So long AG, I know u tried but you were not good enough for where Chelsea is aiming to be.

Comment by Pedro

And don’t even get me going on the fact that he was not given time, or that it was not his players bla bla bla…he is a professional, and as such one needs to deliver on the objectives agreed, and JM always did so – after all those are the standards that AG is being measured against.
A 49% out of a 100% is close to a pass but it is still a fail…so AG you were close but no cigar…

Comment by Pedro

ManU is the champion!!! It’s was great game!!

Comment by Trance4you

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