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Grounds Clippings: MLS hooligans? Really? by groundsman
May 13, 2008, 9:00 am
Filed under: Chelsea, Chivas USA, Didier Drogba, EPL, football, Frank Lampard, MLS

Courtesy Melissa Robin

Fan violence in the MLS? I’d heard bits and pieces about this when researching international supporter’s unions for an article for another blog, but the piece from Sideline Views (and the comments that follow it) was interesting. The team involved, Chivas USA, has been around for about 4 years, and has achieved rather a lot of success and an effective community outreach for only existing for a short time.   All in all the news of some violence between fans isn’t what is surprising- the interesting bit is one fan group’s decision  to boycott the match because they cared more for their union than for the match itself.   Of course, there’s probably more to this story…

-The Shed isn’t made of stone– and in fact, it’s made of sweet, mushy goodness, especially when we come across these kind of “family factoids”. Frank Lampard points to the sky for his goal celebrations, in honor of his daughter Luna (“the moon”). He also kisses his ring finger for his wife Elen. Here’s a video at him explaining the celebrations, and just some general family talk. (kudos for the commenters at Kickette’s blog for this)

Hate Didier Drogba? You’re guaranteed to hate him a lot less, or even warm to him after reading this Guardian interview from 2007. He admits his son wears an Arsenal shirt, talks about the diving “accusations”, and also explains his relationship with then-coach Jose Mourinho.

[Photo Courtesy Melissa Robin, LA Galaxy v. Chivas USA 2007]


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