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Manchester United has the title, while Middlesborough takes no prisoners by groundsman

…and there you go.

Manchester United clinched the Premier League title this afternoon with a 2-0 affair that only had me on the edge of my seat due to the grainy footage online and straining to make out the action on the field.  Bolton left Chelsea with a deserved draw after a dour 90+ minutes of football, Reading and Birmingham are joining Derby to take the drop down to the Championship, and Middlesborough spanked Manchester City 8-1.  No, that is not a typo. 8 – 1.  If this really was Sven Goran Eriksson’s last match at the club, then his positive season start ended in complete and utter shambles.

Congrats to ManU fans, but this groundskeeper’s heart was with The Cottagers for the day, as Fulham attempted to stay in the Premier League.  The job was finished with an 0-1 win over FA Cup finalists Portsmouth, but now a new task begins: summertime steps to avoid a future relegation battle. If “Fulhamerica” care to live up to their nickname, Roy Hodgson may be looking to scoop up more American talent on the (relatively) cheap.

A couple of the USA boys who could bring bang for the buck are 18 year old forward Jozy Altidore (The Rumour Mill showed him being courted by a few Premiership clubs earlier this year), or perhaps 22 year old midfielder Maurice Edu (currently of Toronto FC, but has been flirting with some English teams).  Yes, Fulham will surely need more than a couple of well-conditioned Americans to get them through the next season, but really any buys will be a step in the right direction.

Grounds Clippings:

John Terry could miss the Champion’s League final in Moscow after dislocating his elbow in the early parts of Chelsea’s 1-1 draw with Bolton.

This season has NOT been boring, sniffs Paul Wilson in his column for The Observer. He also takes the time to have a few pops at Kevin Keegan.

-Everyone sing it with me, “It’s the moooost horrible tiiiiime of the yeeeeear!”   Yes, the club football season is winding down so it’s time for the obligatory end-of-regular-season-humorous-wrap up-of sorts. David Hill has done the hard work for us all with this snappy shakedown.

– Oh, and just to point out something interesting (to us, anyway)…  Manchester City’s fans decided that if they were going to be thrashed 8-1 by Middlesborough, they might as well try win the fight after the game.  Well done, lads.  So in our online jaunts we’ve learned that some (notice the stress on some) City fans cannot detect sarcasm, or read actual words, or can only communicate with adverbs and nouns like “facking” or “wanker”.   Once again, well done.  I see Sven’s elegance didn’t rub off on you in just one season.


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great job united , I am in particular happy for the americans base in london ( Fulham I mean ) they did a great job staying in the premier league…
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Sorry mate, but City fans at Middlesborough extremely well behaved and good natured. I am sure that most Boro’ fans would agree that the City fans were fantastically well behaved and sang and danced around for 90 minutes despite the dross on the pitch. The police mishandled a party atmosphere. There was no pitch invasion, just a bit of argey-bargey. The policeman who got a seat in his face was laughing his head off directly afterwards, I am sure he went to hospital afterwards but he was not injured. There is no excuse for pulling seats out (2 in total) but to make out there was a riot is pathetic. The Guardian report is rubbish.

Comment by bluenaters

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