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Is Real Madrid really that amazing?? by groundsman

Real Madrid have 31 league titles to their name after today, despite some shaky performances.  We don’t really keep up with the Spanish leagues over here in The Shed, but after watching Barca in the Champions League (“pretty pass, pretty pass, pretty pass, d’oh!”), and seeing Villareal play, it does seem as though there isn’t a lot of meat to the top league in Spain.  Those of you who watch that league week in and week out– is Real Madrid really that much better than the rest? 

Grounds Clippings:

David Beckham scored twice in the Galaxy’s 2-2 draw with Real Salt Lake on Sunday.  The match report says Beckham’s goals were the only shots on goal in first half for Los Angeles.  Wow.  That team is really, really terrible.  I mean really terrible.  Good Lord.

-Movin’ on Up! West Brom and Stoke are going up to the Premier League!  I had a whole article written about what Stoke would bring to the Premiership, but I haven’t gotten around to editing it.  Fulham is a step closer to staying in the Premiership, while today’s opponents Birmingham City could go down right back down to the Championship if Reading and Fulham both win their matches.

-Will Hersey over at The Observer is shaking his fist in the general direction of these Top Ten Worst Football Managers.  Agree? Disagree? 

You can win a date with Patick Vieira.  Seriously.  If you’re not into a former Arsenal man, you can always have some referee (Anders Frisk).

[AP/Bernat Armangue]


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I am a madrid fan and no they’re not way better than everyone else, but they are more consistent and are better at closing down in the back. Casillas has been amazing this season and has had a lot of clean sheets. besides, van nistelrooy and raul are a great pair and when van nistelrooy was injured, it immediately went downhill for madrid. fortunately they were able to keep a distance to runner up villareal and weak barcelona. villareal are a great team, but they’re not used to be competing for the title, which means a lot. and barcelona, valencia and sevilla, the usual top dogs are all having bad seasons. so the thing about no meat to the spanish league is only partial true. you saw how barcelona almost matched united in the semi-finals, and they are playing miserable in the league.

Comment by Jakob

Thanks for the explanation Jakob!

Comment by groundsman

I think Real is not so amazing. This is more problem of temporary weakness of Barcelona, Valencia, Sevilla.

Comment by The True Football Manager

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