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“Save Our Sven” or the Best Manager Tribute Videos of 2007/2008 by groundsman

The more beloved the manager, the more plentiful the videos (usually set to the tune of Frank Sinatra’s “My Way”) that are made in his honor and posted on youtube. 

After watching this “Save Our Sven” video sent to me this morning from the one Man City fan who doesn’t think I was slagging off their fans/club in an earlier post meant for celebrating Sven and noting the ever changing opines of the sports pages (still clearly a bit frustrated about that, but letting it go),  I decided to take a look at some quality tribute videos. 

-As expected, Jose Mourinho has plenty of digital eulogies floating around in his honor.  Most are mournful, some are oddly gleeful, others are angry messages of hate, and far too many either incorporate terrible soul music, somewhat odd screamo selections, or the inevitable Sinatra.  However, there are more than a few videos out there that are genuinely quite good.  I picked just two:

This video (originally made by “diksior”?) appears to be an actual fan-made video  and not a BBC montage with different music dubbed on to it- but I could be mistaken. 

This one is clearly from Sky Sports, and it’s shorter but still meaningful for the Jose fans. 

This video shows a few of the reasons why Newcastle gave Sam Allardyce the sack,  but also shows some of the nicer goals from the beginning of the season.  It’s not really a tribute video, and the song “Thanks for the Memories” by Fall Out Boy sums up the tone nicely. 

-Oh Tottenham.  The “I Love Martin Jolsong is great- so no complaints there.  This video just happened to have the best montage and use of sound from the big man.

 No videos devoted to Sammy Lee or Lawrie Sanchez (well, for his time at Fulham) were found during my Youtube search.  Find one?  Feel free to share it in the comments section.


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