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Youtube Roundup:Football Fights by groundsman
April 21, 2008, 10:05 pm
Filed under: Arsenal, Cesc Fabregas, Chelsea, David Beckham, Frank Lampard, LA Galaxy, referee, Video

I’ve been watching copious amounts of youtube videos to try and spot some new players to become overly excited about- and in doing so I managed to stumble upon some of the funniest/sissiest fights on the football pitch. 

Disclaimer: I do tut quite loudly whenever actual violence takes place, so if you’re looking for actual carnage (ie. copious amounts of blood, broken limbs, crowd/firm-related aggression) do skip this post. 

Chelsea v. Arsenal: With these two teams, you’d think there’d only be a “bit of argie-bargie” and maybe some sly kicking at the shins, but somewhere along the line it turned into a proper punchup.  I like how Frank Lampard’s expression never changes, even when being pummeled by Cesc Fabregas.

Ref Fights Back: Referees get so much abuse everyday (many times rightfully so) and it’s nice to see the fella with the cards get his own back for once.

Galaxy v. Chivas: Notice how quickly David Beckham manages to carefully extract himself from any actual fighting in this clip- though he was the one to get the chap’s face first.  Very clever!

Beach Football Fight: When I think of beach football, I think of lazy days drinking mimosas, sand between my toes, and a light hearted kick around with my friends.  Clearly- somewhere in the world this sport is taken seriously, because when a fight breaks out between the two teams, the plastic lounge chairs begin to fly.

Ninjas Can’t Play Soccer: It’s a Nike commercial, and as footie commercials go- it’s big budget and not that awesome.  Also, it isn’t a real fight at all, but hey, most fights aren’t real in football anyway. Just enjoy the ninjas.

– “Handbags”: It’s 7 minutes worth of silly punchups, loud shouting, and kung fu kicks set to aggro male music.  I got about halfway through, but most of it is the showy playacting that has become a mainstay of the modern game.

Note: Apologies for the slow posting ’round here, but as the season winds down, the cricket/baseball begins, and the air has a pleasing warmth to it, I’ve been spending some time away from all of those things and working hard so that I’ll be able to stimulate the British economy during my trip to England for the USA-Ingerland friendly on May 28th.


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