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Comment: It’s NOT Beckham’s Galaxy by groundsman
April 15, 2008, 11:48 pm
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The posts have slowed here, due to some pressures from my paying job and other things that constitute “life”, but I did want to offer a bit of an update concerning my search for an MLS team to support.

I’m most naturally inclined to support the LA Galaxy, despite their stupid name, Alexi Lalas and the MLS promotional blitz for the team, the world wide sniffing at the squad, the club’s current and past record, and my somewhat irrational yet strong dislike for Landon Donovan as a footballer.  Why? Because despite my current geographical location (East Coast), they’re the team I’m most likely to ever see in person.   Somehow the majority of my very close friends ended up living in Los Angeles, and I truly enjoy visiting the city, though the prevalence of smog and the shallowness of lifestyle prevents me from actually living there.  I have fond memories of dancing on the Santa Monica pier and laughing at the girls in big sunglasses and short skirts in the cafes.  I love the carefully crafted carefree attitude of the town and it’s all still intriguing to me. 

I say all of this so you will understand that I was pinning my hopes on growing to love the LA Galaxy properly instead of feeling as if I were in an arranged marriage.  However, here I am, having watched the team lose 3-2 to the poor man’s David Beckham (Danny Dichio) and Toronto FC.  I really only watched up until the 73rd minute or so, when the network unexpectedly cut in with completely different programming- showing just what they thought of the match.   It was an incredibly poor display.  According to the exceptional commenters over at my dear Kickette, the match day was boiling hot- but not even sunstroke could excuse the utter ineptitude of the forward attacking play. 

All said: The fact that I couldn’t tear my eyes from the screen and was desperately willing The Galaxy to win showed me one thing: I’m tied to them now.  I’m a fan.  Oh, the pain!!

The Beckham Quandry

After the game, Kickette posted an entry with text reading “How much longer can David Beckham take this?”

A lot of people like to rag on David Beckham.  They ragged on him when he fell out with Fergie.  They ragged on him when he fell out of favour at Real Madrid.  They ragged on him when he failed to lead England to a prize we now know they couldn’t have attained with the team they put forward.  They ragged on him most when he came to the States.   Most of the trash talk was envy or mobtalk, but much of it was also very observant and good criticism.

I like David Beckham, though that wasn’t always the case.  It’s easy to label him a lazy pretty boy- if you like to ignore the hard work he puts into railing against his own athletic shortcomings in order to highlight what he’s good at: kicking the ball. 

 Basically, I like the man for keeping it real.  Case in point: he has never claimed to be the saviour of the MLS.  Most of the comments left on blogs or news articles jeer him for supposedly claiming to turn the whole league around.  Those were words that may have been spoken by starstruck and embarrassing sponsors or MLS spokespeople.

David Beckham didn’t come to take on America- he came to better his “career”.  He’s not being paid the estimated 250 million dollars just for suiting up for The Galaxy, he’s making that insane amount of money in endorsement deals.  He could have gone to other clubs in other countries to be paid more for just being a footballer- but here, he’s a face and will continue to be a face for a very long time.  That is his career, and really, it’s been his career for some time now.  Winning trophies is fantastic, but you rarely get to take them home with you.  Those are the club’s trophies- not his.  I think it’s fantastic that he took hold of his life throughout his time playing football.  He now gets to live in beautiful sunny California where he’s just your average wealthy good looking person instead of being hounded constantly by the paps, the press, and everyone else in God’s country.  Yeah, maybe it is a bit sad to see his lovely crosses ultimately end in eff-all, but if he’s okay with it- why make a fuss? 

[Photo: AFP/File/Phillipe Lopez]


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