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Arsenal’s Battling Goalkeepers Get Down and Even Dirtier by groundsman
April 11, 2008, 9:13 pm
Filed under: Arsenal, Arsene Wenger, football, Manchester United

After Champions League tie at Anfield, every Arsenal fan went online to find out “How did we get here?”, and just a few days later the ever-stroppy, semi-retired goalkeeper Jens Lehmann offered up this theory:

It’s all Almunia’s fault. 

In a vitriolic and somewhat disturbing interview, he said his situation was “a joke” and implied that if he’d been in goal, Arsenal would have beat Liverpool.  Nevermind that after ‘Nando’s goal the Arsenal team gave up pretty and effective tactics onlt to become vaguely defensive and somewhat terrified looking.  Nevermind that Senderos was woefully lost for much of the match, and the squad appeared to be playing for an extended period of time a man down.  No, Jens Lehmann could have saved the day.

He’s been on about this all season really, and Almunia’s finally responded.  It’s all fairly ugly, and Arsene needs to get ‘hold of his lads, and be well glad to be rid of Lehmann when this season is over. 

Really, this whole entry is just to pose this simple question: In a Pay-Per-View cagematch, who would win? Lehmann or Almunia? 


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