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Liverpool 4 Arsenal 2: A Plea to Arsene Wenger by groundsman

Crouchie's Leg of Doom

The Champions League Arsenal-Liverpool match was probably one of the best advertisements for “The Greatest League in the World” this season, though it wasn’t played in the context of the Premier League, and if it had, the game would have likely ended in another one-all draw and the unusual occurance of a team from England winning on penalties would have occurred.

There isn’t much to say about the match that you didn’t already see yesterday, though I do just want to send this clip of Theo Walcott’s run in the second half to Arsene Wenger’s over filled inbox with a note reading, “Let Theo start a game.  An important one.  Please.  Forget Eboue, he’ll get over it.  You don’t want to lose this kid.” 

As usual, I checked in on the Arsenal Facebook Fan Club throughout the match, and it appears those folks have quite a few choice words for Mr. Wenger- some deserved, but most are over the mark in my opinion.  I often wonder what I would actually say if I met a major football manager in person, and they asked me for my opinion on the run of play.  Would I put on my anorak and excitedly quote him statistics?  Would I string together a ton of meaningless football platitudes and then look really hard so that he doesn’t start laughing outright?*  Or would we, like a meeting between SAF and The Special One, sit down to a sumptuous meal and poor wine, and discuss the great mysteries of the universe and everything in it?

We’ll never know.

At least we know for the next few months, we probably won’t have to hear about Rafa Benitez possibly getting the sack.  More than likely, the vague accusations will come Wenger’s way, and some papers will print the odd quote from someone who works in an office somewhere about Wenger looking at jobs in France.  All will be rubbished roundly by this Groundsman of course- but I just wanted you to be prepared.

[Photo: AFP/Paul Ellis]

*This is a technique often used in pubs and on football message boards


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