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Football-Defense=Major League Soccer by groundsman


I’m currently watching ESPN 2’s MLS Primetime Thursday lineup- featuring New England v. Chicago.  My biggest problem with the MLS isn’t the lack of speed or sloppy passing (if that were the case, I would have given up watching England matches altogether), it’s the complete and total lack of defense.  The many, many goals scored never look *that* good, because they go almost completely unchallenged.  It’s as if every one of the guys on the squad had spent the past 10 years as a striker, and they were told yesterday they were going to be filling in at the back.

To prove my point: it’s 0-4 to Chicago at half time.  The Revs are playing with ten men, after a really stupid low tackle, but friends- these guys have been in the MLS Cup for the past two seasons.  They should not allow 4 goals in 45 bloody minutes. 

As you can tell, I’m still having a bit of trouble with my pledge to find an MLS team to love and support.

Edit: Still watching the MLS coverage tonight, and Becks just scored his first goal in the league.  Cobi Jones looked non-plussed on the sidelines.

Mascherano Paying a Pretty Price

Javy Mascherano is getting another two matches tacked onto his one match ban and fine for yelling at the referee when he was sent off for dissent during the match against Manchester United.  It’s obvious the man is just being made an example, but to give him the same punishment as a fellow who broke another player’s leg

Fans May Cause Clubs to Lose Points

Will this actually happen? Probably not, but it’d be nice.  The FA is apparently looking to dock points from clubs, and possibly even have them play behind closed doors, when fans sing anti-Semitic or anti-Islamic chants in an effort to make football a more family friendly atmosphere, and also discourage far-right groups from making themselves obvious at the footie.  It’d also be nice to see crazy vocal racists or homophobes get more than uncomfortable looks or shushing noises, but again- that’s just a personal request, it won’t actually happen. 

[Photo: AP/Paul Beaty]


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I was channel surfing and ran across the game and saw the score and couldn’t believe it. Last weekend they actually played a really good game, so I’m not sure what they did to lose this bad..

Comment by tazdog

There was NO defensive effort throughout the entire match. They’re incredibly lucky not to have ended up with a true baseball scoreline!!

Comment by groundsman

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