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Becks Tells it Like it Is by groundsman
March 24, 2008, 9:35 am
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We knew this kind of interview with David Beckham was coming back in 2007 when LA Galaxy were trounced by the New York Red Bulls in a shambolic MLS showdown of sorts.  In the press conference after the match, Beckham, looking shaken and embarrassed, took the mic and said,

“I haven’t played in a match like that since I was 9 years old.”

I must admit I laughed that day- because the statement is funny and true, not because I want the MLS to continue to suck- and I laughed again whilst reading highlights from D. Beckham’s appearance on CBS 60 Minutes last night. 

He apparently described his first year with the Galaxy as “a nightmare”, which is pretty easy to imagine on so many levels.  People expected him to somehow save a league he says cannot possibly be world class for “another 5 or 10 years from now”, every week he was playing with middle class kids who’ve only recieved training from their dads while playing in the park, and he had to at least attempt to make lots of delusional fans and investors happy all at the same time.  Let’s not even go into the stick he got back home, and the sting of being dropped from the national team.   

Don’t feel too bad for him though- he’s being pretty well compensated for his troubles.

In any case, during the interview he says he’d like to buy an MLS franchise in 2011 when his contract with Galaxy is up, and talks to Anderson Cooper about a great many lovely things including how hard it is to remember to call football “soccer” these days.

Click here for interview clips and a summary.

[Photo: CBS]


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