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Arsenal 1 Chelsea 2, or “Checking In at the Gooner Heartbreak Hotel” by groundsman
March 23, 2008, 8:03 pm
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Super Grand Slam Sunday has come and gone, and to be perfectly honest- this groundskeeper is a Gooner, so it’s not been the best holiday weekend in my book. 

I’m guessing every Arsenal-centric blogger is either down the pub on a Sunday evening or busy shouting at their dog whilst rewinding the DVR to see that first Chelsea goal where about 3 players were offside– because on all of the top Arsenal blog sites, their pleading and optimistic “Match Preview!” is still up. 

To provide a quick outlet for some frustration, I will post some of the more intelligent/less homicidal comments from the “Arsenal Football Club” Facebook group:

“I still don’t think it’s over. We play Utd once. Utd plays Chelsea once. Those 2 matches alone could gain us some serious points. Head ups Gooners. “-Angad, York University

“We’re not out of it yet. The best thing for us now would actually be Man Utd getting complacent and they’re cocky enough to do just that. But we need to do our bit too. We’ll need to beat them at Old Trafford and start sticking the ball in the net in threes like we used to against everyone else an’ see what happens. Utd have also got to play Chelsea yet. They can’t both win it, so we may gain two points on them both in that match. Most important of all, we have had a wonderful season and the lads have given us some truly special moments to savour. We have alot to play for, we’re well place for the CL next year and we’ve still got the QF’sagainst Liverpool to look forward to. If we can win that, who knows? Utd may think they’ve got it sewn up, but that’s when football has a habit of going pearshaped. Look at us and our five point lead!! Keep the faith Gooners.” -Phil, London

“1 win in 8 games is not title winning material. We have almost certainly blown the chance to regain our trophy, but I have faith, and with enough luck and determination to suceed, instead of repeatedly saying we want to win the title, go out there and bloody-well do it!
We need a win, and we need it from our next game.
Believe… This can be our season”
-Neil, London
The rest of the comments were mostly whingeing about Wenger, comments that Adebayor is “useless”, we should sell Eboue (??), Alumnia was “good, but not Petr Cech good”,  and my personal favourite- “we needz sumone special! Like ronaldhino!!!11”
Seriously, mates? Seriously?  You’re no better than the Chelsea fans in the stands who were berating Avram Grant and singing Jose’s name right before Drogba scored the first goal.  Whenever the boys have come through for us, it’s nothing but “Arsene knows…” or “Cescy Football!” or any of the other adorable t-shirt worthy phrases we have.  A fan should be willing to be with their team through bad or good.  Then again, there are the folks who leave the stadium 20 minutes before the match ends, just to “beat the traffic”.  We’ll be hearing from a lot of those kind of fans ’til next season I suppose.

Make no mistake: I do not think the refs cheated us out of anything, or that Chelsea didn’t play fairly to win.  I’m sorry, but I don’t.  I also don’t think our players are shit, the manager is mad, or any of the other usual scapegoats.  I think the team has been on a sloppy run of form lately- anyone could see that- and they’re paying for being out of sorts.  Some summertime changes will happen, every team is a work in progress, and all of that generic (and generally correct) drivel…  Take it for what it’s worth and have a nightcap. 


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