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Champions League Gets Dangerously Exciting by groundsman

The Champion’s League quarterfinal draw is over and done, with suspiciously Hollywood-esque results. 

We’re not calling fraud, just because with the level of the teams left in the tournament, and the amount of history they have between them, any of the matches would be potential heart-stoppers or blood boilers.  We’re just saying, sending Manchester United back to Roma could be risky for not only the players on the pitch, but the fans outside (and possibly inside) the stadium.  In December there were stabbings amongst the supporters, and while football violence at the matches isn’t at the level the world media would apparently like it to be (note: a bit disturbing how excited broadcasters got about the handbags turned brawl in Columbia last week), it still exists, and while the security force within Rome may have improved, there’s always a danger lurking when these teams meet.  In other words, the travelling Mancs may want to leave the bubbas at home.

The other quarterfinals will be a bit tastier football-wise, as Liverpool and Arsenal meet up on April 2nd.  It’s this time of year when, as Arsene Wenger says, “every game can change your season from fantastic to super-fantastic to terrible”.   It sounds a lot like he is describing his team’s frighteningly disjointed run of play as of late, but the Gunners should come good in this matchup.   Speaking of coming good, the English papers paint Chelsea as having all the luck in drawing Fenerbahce, a Turkish side- though they’ll be playing on home turf in Istanbul.  Barcelona will punch it out with Schalke on April 1st, leading minute by minute commentators/bloggers to begin sketching out their plans for April Fool’s Day puns for the fortnight.

To be honest, I’m far more interested in the upcoming FA Cup battles, and seeing some unheralded English talent capture the hearts of a jaded footballing nation.   The Champion’s League is lovely to watch, but for me- the passion just isn’t there.   It’s just one more piece of silverware to distract a struggling side, or force managers into troubling tactics during regular season play.

That said- I want to know if I’m alone on those sentiments (or possibly just alone on this blog), so it’s time to be grudgingly democratic and poll our fellow football fans:

POLL: If you could get rid of one prize for Premiere League teams (aside from winning the league), which would it be?

A) The League (Carling) Cup

B) Champions League

C) UEFA Cup FA Cup

D) The Community Shield

Comment below with your vote and win a free smile!


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Without a doubt the community shield. Its a cup that begins at the start of the season and the game includes only teams based on merit. It has no significance on whether the team has had a good or bad season.

Comment by Zappata Dolcy

Any knowledge about the origins of the Community Shield? I mean, it gets my vote as well, but I don’t really know why it exists at all since it’s placed as such an odd point, and appears to be meaningless.

Comment by groundsman

The only value it poses is as a curtain raiser for every new season; between the fa cup holders and the winners of the league. says that the first Community shiled (or charity sheild as it was once called)was between Man u and QPR way back in 1908, a useful bit of trivia Pat Jennings goalkeeper for Tottenham way back in 1967 scored against Man u in the same competition.

Comment by Zappata Dolcy

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