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Frank Lampard Bangs On About Chelsea Contract by groundsman
March 13, 2008, 11:03 am
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Isn’t it interesting that Frank Lampard has kept relatively quiet about his ongoing contract debacle all season long whilst being injured or incredibly rubbish, and then suddenly spoke about it again after scoring four goals against a hapless and humiliated Derby? 


Last year everyone was talking about Lamps leaving Chelsea and where he could possibly go- with some of the more annoyed bloggers and armchair pundits rolling our eyes as he kissed his crest repeatedly on the pitch, and demanded more money off of it.  For the record, I’m not a romantic who believes all these players should go out purely for the love of the game.  No, no, it’d make it a lot harder for me to cuss them loudly from the stands if that were the case!  Football is a job for these guys, just as writing and watching satellite television is a job for me, and if I feel I deserve a raise- I’ll ask for one, but I will not openly and publicly talk about said monetary increase and newspapers will not publish my salary and benefits.  

I find  “The Money Thing” to be one of the most irritating aspects of professional football.  Upon announcing a move to Germany, Kevin Keegan was one of the first players to have his staggering salary debated in public.  Compared with today’s salaries (and not even counting for inflation) Keegan’s 500,000 pounds is beyond small beir, but it was enough to turn his new German teammates against him, and he had to work very hard to get in their good graces.  Had the players and the public not known about Keegan’s riches, would his transition be a bit easier? I don’t have a Time-Turner, so I can’t be sure, but logically it would make sense.  Aside from the well-being of the footballer, there’s also the aspect that money brings to reporting on the match.  Every time a player isn’t doing well, or makes a silly mistake, the pundit will say, “He’s on 70,000 pounds a week, you know.” 

Here in the U.S. we may be stat happy, and all our athletes may be on performance enhancing drugs, but we don’t break down a player’s salary into weekly increments.  Hell, unless contract negotiations are going on, the average fan isn’t sure just how much their favorite player is making on a yearly basis!

I’m fed up with the money-talk, I’m fed up with players using proposed moves to Barcelona or Juventus as leverage, and I’m tired of the inches devoted to salary figures in sports journals or newspapers.  Frank, if you want to go- then just bloody go.  Whether it’s 10 million a year or 25 million, you will be able to feed your family, so that can’t be the big issue at hand.


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