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Portsmouth outscraps Manchester United for FA Cup Semi-spot by groundsman
March 8, 2008, 10:53 am
Filed under: Barnsley, Chelsea, FA Cup, football, Manchester United, Portsmouth


One of the best criers in the Premiere League is out of the FA Cup, meaning we won’t see him being comforted through hiccupy sighs by one Wayne Rooney.  ‘arry Redknapp’s Portsmouth brought down Manchester United a few minutes ago in what turned out to be a scrappy matchup.  Pompey will now go on to Wembley- where for some reason the semi-finals are being played this year. 

I know they have to pay for the new buildings somehow, but I find it a bit cynical to hold the semis in London- as if it were obvious that only the big London teams would be left standing at this stage in the tournament.  The smaller clubs could certainly use the money/tourism that would come from a big tournament matchup, and all of the fans and players deserve to have a real home advantage.

Remember when money didn’t make the ball go ’round?  Neither do I.  However, there are still good times to be had, and memories to recount via BBC montages.


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