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What About DIC? by groundsman
March 4, 2008, 11:47 am
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The big headline on the English sports pages this morning shouldn’t surprise anyone- Liverpool’s American owners have been making saucy overtures toward Dubai International Capital, the international investing arm of Dubai Holding.  Tom Hicks and George Gillett have been rumoured to have been on the outs for months now, with the latest reports stating Hicks may be prepared to buy out Gillett.  This morning, DIC confirmed the duo have been in negotiations with them to sell the EPL club, though the Americans were the same pair who outbid the group back in 2006. 

So since it looks like DIC may finally get their hands on Liverpool, you ought to get to know them very well, since you’ll probably be either a) seeing them grinning excitedly whilst wearing replica kits and ignoring the lusty singing in The Kop b) watching them anxiously try to calm a group of Scousers wearing black armbands and carrying placards.

Fun Facts:

-The group has had their eye on Liverpool for some time now, possibly in part because DIC CEO Sameer al-Ansari is a huge fan of the club.

-Should the group fork over the money to buy out Hicks and Gillett, Liverpool would join Travelodge, Doncasters Group Ltd., and the Mauser Group on the list of DIC’s major buyouts.

-Some Liverpool fans have already sent letters to al-Ansari, with desperate, pleading, and only mildly racist overtones, asking him to buy out “the yanks”.   I will not post his email address, but you should know that one fellow recieved a reply to his plea, and it read “You’ll never walk alone”.

-There’s one group of people who will be pretty excited if DIC takes over, and that’s the “Dubai Reds”.  I found a lovely YouTube video of a news report from about a year ago.  It’s worth watching just to hear scouse accents in one of the world’s richest cities.

This may all be for nowt if H&G refuse DIC’s offer, but it’s always nice to know a little about the money-men when crafting your angry chants about a club.


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