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Wrestling Defeat from the Jaws of Victory by groundsman

As Arsenal continue to drop points here and there, and Manchester United refuse to stop winning, pundits and fans alike are all waiting on the edge of their seats to see who will take the top of the Premier League in 2008,  save one:  this groundskeeping Gooner is glued to the pillow fights at the bottom of the table.

As it stands now, Derby, Fulham, and Reading are the teams who would be dropping into the Championship- but the fight for relegation has a far reaching range.  King Kev’s Newcastle are but 3 points away from Mickey Owen scoring baskets of goals against Ipswitch, and there’s a very real chance for Keano’s Sunderland to be bumped from the Premiership as well.  Wigan and Birmingham could also get a chance to ply their trade in a lower division, but judging from Taylor’s infamous tackle- Birmingham may be better suited for the Championship.

 Had Keegan not come to Newcastle this year, Roy Keane’s battle against relegation probably would have been the story to focus on this coming spring.  As it stands, Newcastle has four matches against fellow bottom dwellers, and all are concievably winnable games- particularly those against Sunderland and Reading, but Newcastle haven’t been in the business of winning lately, so there is nervous talk of relegation in the Geordie Nation

That said, it looks as if Wigan, Sunderland, Birmingham, and Bolton all have a rocky road to the finish as well.  Sunderland only has Fulham, Newcastle, and Bolton on their “must win” list, with matches against Chelsea, Arsenal, and Everton still on the schedule. 

My bottom three? Derby, Fulham, and Bolton.  Reading is all huffed up on it’s second wind, and I imagine that will boost them enough to make up for a horrific start to the season.   Sunderland, Newcastle, and Wigan can all breathe easy only because the teams below them are playing truly terrible football, and have been for some time.

Whomever goes down should take heart- their fans will likely get to see them win more matches in their new league, and the ex-EPL darlings will likely have trendier haircuts than the perennial Championship players. 


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