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Roundup: Eduardo to sue Taylor? by groundsman

Did Frank Lampard deserve to be sent off during Saturday’s match against his former club?   Yes. [West Ham Til I Die]

-Arsenal is having a disappointing run of play at an extremely inconvenient point in the season, and you know what? It’s all the fans’ fault.  …well, really it’s a combination of the fans, the youthful players, and their psyches. [A Cultured Left Foot]

-Eduardo got out of the hospital last week, and is likely admiring the fact that he still has a working foot after publicly accepting Martin Taylor’s apology for nearly ruining his career with a horror lunge.   However, according to one media outlet he could still be planning to sue the big Birmingham man. [The Daily Express]

-Two of the best known football firms are coming together for a great cause- Wednesday’s match between Chelsea and Olympiacos. Who said violence isn’t a problem in the modern game? [Sniffing the Touchline]

Football+fashion critiques=dread.  Take a look at this look back at the top 10 worst football kits ever designed.  Personally, I LIKED the Coventry brown shirts. [The Sun]

-Tony Blair once said, “Things can only get better”, and boy was he wrong.  That sentiment has been the general feeling when it comes to the MLS for the past, oh, 15 years- so how can it improve? And who will do it? It’s one author and a few concise points against the world. [SoccerLens]


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