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FA Cup: The Arsenal is Out, Barnsley’s Cinderella Story by groundsman
February 17, 2008, 12:07 am
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Photo by FingertoesI didn’t want to write anything tonight, as I felt that if my team(Arsenal) weren’t going to show up– then I wouldn’t either, but I will just make a few comments about the FA Cup.

With all of the talk about the so-called “death of football” during the discussions over senor Scudamore’s proposal for a 39th game for Premiereship teams, today’s round of FA Cup matches was a welcome reminder that the game is still very much alive and kicking.  The FA Cup is a yearly reminder of the reasons why we all love sports, and proof that even those at the top of the table are not invincible.  Everyone loves a Cinderella- that’s why the NCAA basketball “March Madness” is the most wonderful time of the year- we get to see relatively unknown and unheralded players performing at their very best, and often playing for little more than pride.  Aside from the sentimental value of these David v. Goliath matches, the FA Cup is also a showcase of the country’s footballing assets from the bottom up. 

Photo by furbing, Barnsley@Cardiff 2006Is the Premiere League the best in the world?  We’ll see what Barnsley has to say about it (though to be fair, they aren’t as tiny of a team as the media coverage suggests- they’re 14th in the Championship League).

Ground’s Clippings: 

-Did you get to this blog because you are an Arsenal fan? Need someplace to deal with the frustration after the shambolic performance at Old Trafford? Able to post criticism with dignity? Visit the always passionate and (right now) somewhat despondent blog known as The Gooner Forum.

-Vote for The Offside for the Soccerlens Best of 2007 awards.  They’re American, they love football, and they do a great job of writing about it.

-Well wishes go to Ronaldo, after another particularly painful sounding injury.  Could this be the end of a glittering career? Or will he be growing out his ‘fro whilst playing for a Brazilian club side next season?

-Richard Scudamore becomes increasingly more shrill about the 39th game proposal, and says he’s willing to take on FIFA to make it happen.  Would it be worth England losing it’s bid for the 2018 World Cup?

-Liverpool’s Rafa Benitez could be getting the ol’ skunk eye from the owners once more, now that the Reds have been bounced out of the FA Cup

-Are we due for another soccer prodigy in America? If so, meet 17 year old Jozy Altidore of the New York Red Bulls.  Word on the street (well, The Daily Mirror) is that the precocious striker is wanted by Reading and Real Madrid.

-I’ll be in England in May- will the U.S. team be there as well?  According to The News of the World, the United States team may replace Scotland in a meaningless friendly against the English national team on May 28th, just ahead of the start of World Cup qualifying matches.  Would it be a pillow fight to remember?

[Photos:furbing, Fingertoes]


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“Vote for The Offside for the Soccerlens Best of 2007 awards. They’re American, they love football, and they do a great job of writing about it.”

You have just made me smile. And scored yourself a spot on my “Favorite Persons of Feb. 17” list. 🙂

Comment by laurie

Hahaha! Excellent. I do love your site, and I’m happy to see really good commentary on the sport (rather than sniffy American journo types looking down their noses at people who don’t like football/soccer or haven’t been exposed to the sport). Keep it up!

Comment by puppdogsandicecream

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