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Tubular Roundup: Gooner Gaffes by groundsman
February 13, 2008, 3:13 am
Filed under: Arsenal, football, Video

I love Arsenal.  I really do.  So sometimes, some of the best laughs you can get are at the expense of those you love.  No one knows this better than my parents, who still publicly dine out on unfortunate stories from my extremely awkward formative years.  So I feel no remorse in enjoying a few clips from my favorite team’s shameful past.

1) This is cute, but the Arsenal’s players look just a little too pleased to be forced to keep their hands in their pockets for however many hours it took to shoot this promotional spot

2) I don’t condone violence in sport, but I do know that when players have an on-field slapfest, it’s called “handbags” due to the utterly prissy nature of the fight.  This, friends, is handbags.

3) Arsenal gets a lot of credit for trying creative play and developing many strengths among the players.  Sometimes that creativity works.  Sometimes, it fails miserably and everyone gets a mean-spirited chuckle out of the deal.

4) This is an an amazing celebration video from a child who, embarrassed by his father’s everlasting love for the Gooners, decided to videotape him shouting at the television.  The best bit is that I think his youngest child is named “Ribery”. 

4.5) The dreams of a Spurs fan.  Those dreams did come true in shocking fashion, but hey- it’s not about the battles, it’s about the war.

5) Jens Lehmann is endlessly comical (but a superb goalie), and even the MOTD lads can’t manage to fillet all of the humor out of these tantrums while wearing their “Captain Obvious” armbands. 


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