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Tubular Round Up! by groundsman
February 10, 2008, 3:48 am
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On Friday evening my friend Paul and I spent an embarrassingly long amount of time on YouTube, and we ended up stumbling upon a gold mine of excellence. 

I’d been immersed in the Among the Thugs novel for a couple of days, and whilst Paul recounted his days as a lad supporting West Ham and pronouncing the men of ICF to be “dead hard”, we took in this bit of knowledge.

Senseless violence can be a bit hard to take on an empty stomach, so why not check out a friendly rivalry for fast food

My current suggestion to Football Associations the world over is to  find someone to connect with the supporters, possibly through the magic of song and dance, to show the firms “who’s bad”. 

If that doesn’t work, get Will.i.Am and a bunch of celebrities to create a brilliant video in the association’s honor, urging a message of peace and hope.   

No? Not going to work? Not even a BBC Montage will fix this?

Oh.  Guess if we can’t cry, we can laugh.


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hahah Danny Dyer (presenter of the “Real” Football Factories) is a grade A idiot with all the credibility of George Bush at a pacifist meeting. His programmes are hilarious.

Comment by SpanglyPrincess

I honestly don’t understand how he keeps getting work. He is geniunely a parody of himself.

I was watching episodes on YouTube and came across a parody from “Danny Dire”, and it took me nearly two minutes to realize it wasn’t the real show.


Comment by puppdogsandicecream

haha that’s quality!

Comment by SpanglyPrincess

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