The Groundsman’s Shed

Tidbits: Skypin’ Words of Wisdom. by groundsman
February 10, 2008, 11:51 pm
Filed under: books, football

[6:08:52 PM] Kim says: …should I read Lee Sharpe’s autobiography?
[6:09:30 PM] Paul says: I wouldn’t read any footballers book
[6:10:25 PM] Kim says: good call

[5:58:03 PM] Paul says: heard of swamp football?
[5:58:09 PM] Kim says: nope
[5:58:30 PM] Kim says: unless you’re referring to the university of florida’s stadium
[5:58:43 PM] Paul says: there’s a world chmapionship in FInland tihs summer
[5:58:47 PM] Paul says: I’m going
[6:00:14 PM] Kim says: …
[6:02:48 PM] Paul says:
[6:05:06 PM] Kim says: you’re going to Finland for this?
[6:05:23 PM] Paul says: maybe not


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