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Super Duper Booper Sunday? by groundsman
February 10, 2008, 7:08 pm
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Looking at the result boards for the Premiere League table, you feel that the folks at the British television networks deserve what they get for naming today’s double header of Manchester United v. Manchester City and Chelsea v. Liverpool “Super Duper Sunday”

Yes, we did that over here for last week’s political races- but all of us in network headquarters around the country complained bitterly about the ridiculousness contained in the word “Duper”.  The powers of football broadcasting should have known better than to use the terminology themselves, and now have paid the price with one terrible match, and one mildly surprising result.

Manchester United 1-2 Manchester City

Old skool kits, and memories of Busby’s Babes didn’t do much to give effective attacking power to the Red Devils.  Rooney was out of the match as one minute-by-minute correspondent feverishly noted every few minutes or so, which didn’t bode well for the team, though Cristiano Ronaldo provided small helpings of aggressive action and Micah Richards provided the team, currently in second place behind Arsenal, with it’s lone goal.  On City’s side, two first half goals from Vassell and Mwaruwari (and incredibly fun name to say) kept them comfortable throughout the match.  It was the first time City has won at Old Trafford since 1974, and brought some much needed life into the club, which has looked lackluster since the new year began.

Liverpool 0-0 Chelsea

This match was massively important for both teams, not only because of the rivalry of the Big Clubs, but also because of the above Manchester derby scoreline.  Either team could have used the points to either creep up on Arsenal (Chelsea) or try for the Champions League while rescuing a beleaguered manager (Liverpool).  Alas, it wasn’t to be.  Torres was out for the Reds, and while Terry was still out for Chelski- there was a familiar face peering out of the starting lineup: Frank Lampard.   However, Liverpool were the livelier team at Stamford Bridge by most accounts (not mine- I have to wait to watch the match in full), but they just couldn’t get the finish, though not all are impressed.  According to Guardian Unlimited’s Scott Murray, “This is the worst football [he has] ever watched”.   Hm, I may not watch the match afterall. 

How the Sports+Media Saw It:
The Beeb’s Match Report(Manchester Derby)
GU Football Match Report(Reds v. Chelski)


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